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MD Rucsandra Hurezeanu: “Why I do what I do?”

My story begins in Târgu Mureș. I was born into a family of doctors and pharmacists and grew up in a city with a single University at that time, the University of Medicine. After high school, it’s not hard to guess that I chose to study medicine. My father was an elegant, pedantic man, impeccably dressed in a white hospital suit, with the charisma and authority of a doctor. I wanted to be like him …

After college I was inspired to follow in my mother’s footsteps, one of the first women entrepreneurs in Romania with businesses in retail, distribution and production of medicines. She is a visionary, optimistic and extremely brave woman. My passion for cosmetics dates to childhood, when I entered the pharmacy door and watched my mother prepare her own creams in the laboratory. All her friends and aunts used them.

Much later, in Paris, where I studied pharmaceutical marketing, I began to have a very sensitive skin for the first time. My friends, Sophie and Nassima –  also doctors – advised me to use dermatocosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free products that were tested to prevent allergies.

I then discovered on their home shelves, French cosmetic brands with thermal water, which were soothing and anti-irritant for the skin. Later, in my work, I became aware of an increase in the number of people with sensitive skin and allergies and I wanted to create products that would treat these skin problems.

As our country is known and recognised for its thermal and mineral springs, I started to search and analyse the composition of thermal waters in Romania. We discovered that Herculane, a thermo-saline spring with a unique composition, very rich in minerals and trace elements. After countless clinical studies demonstrating the soothing and anti-irritant effect on the skin of thermal water, in 2005, we created Ivatherm – the first Romanian brand of dermatocosmetics dedicated to sensitive skin. All Ivatherm products contain Herculane thermal water and a cocktail of innovative active ingredients adapted to the needs of the skin.

The dermatologists we work with today have carried out countless clinical trials that demonstrate the benefits of Herculane thermal water, the main ingredient in all of our products.

Ah .. my face is so tight, I can’t put anything on it … I’ll try your water … if it’s good for me, we’ll distribute your brand!

And so it happened.”

Today we sell Ivatherm products, especially Herculane thermal water, in all Flawless clinics in the Philippines.

My desire and motivation is to offer women innovative, effective and safe treatments, prescribed by dermatologists.

Ivatherm is a modern and innovative dermocosmetics brand, for women of all ages and backgrounds. Our mission is to provide you with the best products, with the best ingredients so you can be the best version of yourself.