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Cicaderm Barrier Cream Protect your skin from contact dermatitis

We were all taken by surprise by a pandemic caused by a virus which we knew nothing about until now.

The previously banal hand-washing, has become an imperative safety measure.

Moreover, we use strong alkaline soaps, which we have not used before. We disinfect surfaces, shoes and clothing with chlorine-based products, detergents or other biocides.

The aggressive nature of these substances are known for their harmful effects on the skin, because along with microbes, viruses and bacteria, we also remove the natural oils from the epidermis.

Even if we manage to moisturize our skin with lotions after each wash, maybe every 30 minutes, allergens and irritants can still affect our skin and this is how contact dermatitis occurs.

What is contact dermatitis?

Contact dermatitis is an inflammatory response of the skin.

Repeated exposure to allergens and irritants alters the structure of the skin, disrupting its barrier function, resulting in an annoying and painful irritation.

How do we recognize irritative contact dermatitis?

In acute forms we see redness, infiltration and sometimes blisters. In older or chronic forms, dry skin, cracks and hyperkeratosis or thickening of the skin predominate.

If you have tried to use gloves to avoid irritants, you may have triggered another form of contact dermatitis – namely the allergic one, precisely because of the latex from the gloves you used to protect yourself.

How can we protect ourselves?

Certainly not by giving up hand washing.

The cosmetics industry has imagined ingredients called film-forming, namely ingredients that, once applied to the skin, form an invisible and insulating film that prevents contact of allergens and irritants with it. Today we have these protective ingredients, and one of the most modern is Filmexel.

Filmexel creates a network of natural polymers of vegetable origin, which forms a barrier on the surface of the skin through a resistant, flexible and non-occlusive film and imitates  the skin’s properties and functions, becoming a “second skin”!

The efficacy of this ingredient has been demonstrated in numerous clinical trials, so we have included it in a new product, created to protect irritated, damaged and affected skin from contact dermatitis.

Cicaderm Barrier Cream

Isolates, repairs and protects skin exposed to external aggression and prevents contact dermatitis.

Cicaderm Barrier Cream includes Filmexel, which protects the skin, and Mimosa Tenuiflora which heals, soothes and speeds up regeneration.

Use Cicaderm Barrier Cream if you have any skin irritation perhaps as a result of using disinfectants or detergents or if you need to protect yourself from an allergy to latex gloves.

Do not reduce hand washing or disinfection, especially during this period but protect yourself with Cicaderm Barrier Cream!